Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twitter's moment?

I joined Twitter 6 weeks ago and, frankly, could not see the genius. My tweets were of the "sunny day, got bad heartburn" kind. The people I tracked provided nothing interesting. And so, I quickly gave up.

The aftermath of the Iranian election may end up being a watershed event, not only for Iranians but for the rest of the world too (emphasis on the "may"). This thing is unfolding hour by hour. And it turns out that the very best way to follow the event is on Twitter. So suddenly I am now finding myself checking Twitter every few hours and using it as a source of serious, real time information about a critical current event.

The 1991 Gulf War made CNN into the world's most important news source. Could the Iranian revolution (yes, please) of 2009 do the same for Twitter?

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