Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More exits for the PE industry in Israel: 2 big and 2 small

IBM bought Guardium for $225m. Guardium raised more than $20m from a few of the smaller Israeli VCs (Ascent, Veritas, Cedar, StageOne)

Broadcom acquired Dune Networks for $180m. Dune raised about $50m from larger VCs (Pitango, Evergreen, JVP, USVP, Alta Berkeley, Aurum SBC)

NICE acquired Orsus for $22m. Orsus raised more than $70m in VC funding, mostly prior to 2001.

CA is rumored to be acquiring Oblicore for $20m. Oblicore raised over $20m, mostly from JVP and Concord VC.

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