Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's a Fine Line!

Many have already commented on the decision made by Brian Davis , the British golfer who lost the Verizon Heritage by drawing attention to illegally touching some reeds during his back swing. Apparently this is in contravention of the rules, and having "owned up" lost strokes and as result could not win the event.

How easy would it have been from Mr Davis to have simply ignored the infringement and gone on to challenge on he final green for the tournament. It is indeed a fine line between doing the right thing or not.

We all have in our daily lives, whether it is family and personal or business and professional, occasions when we have the choice to make between the right or moral thing to do and avoiding the choice. Often we persuade ourselves that it is no big deal, just a white lie, or as I have often heard a victim-less crime!

In this age of cynicism and the ends seemingly always justifying the means there ought to be an award from Brian Davis, and not just from within the context of sports (although there are many in sports who could take a lesson.)

Perhaps the most impressive part of the episode is the matter of fact way that Davis dealt with the decision. For him this was the obvious and natural way to behave. He did not make calculations about what benefit he might make in PR or other terms.

I would like to add my voice to those who have shown their admiration and encourage all those that we are in business with (including ourselves) to take this as an example of how to re-build confidence in society and one another!

I need not tell you who will be getting my vote for Sports Personality of the Year in the coming year!

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