Thursday, June 5, 2014

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer – Israel’s Capitalist Revolution

I encourage you all to watch this.
One of the reasons, is because he says many of the views that I have expressed in the halls of Goldrock for quite some time!

1. Capitalism is moral, much more "social justice" oriented than socialism. Israel is on the right trend line

2. The chareidim (ultra orthodox) is a huge economic opportunity, similar to the Russian immigration that occurred 20+ years ago. As intelligent and more educated ultra orthodox enter the work force, Israel will experience growth.

3. Buy in beer sheva – anything real estate!

4. Israel's biggest economic risk is brain drain – innovation is our currency.

5. The natural gas find will be a big economic story for the next decade (good thing we found it 65 years late)

6. Israel should put in a railway from Eilat to Ashdod for east to west goods distribution (ship to Eilat, rail to Ashdod, ship to EU)


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